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NewsW. Morrissey Wants To Become The Face Of Impact Wrestling, Talks Contract

W. Morrissey Wants To Become The Face Of Impact Wrestling, Talks Contract



Impact Wrestling Superstar W. Morrissey (Big Cass in WWE) recently appeared on the “Battleground Podcast” and commented on wanting to become the face of Impact Wrestling in 2022, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his goal in Impact: “My number one goal is to become the face of the company. That’s my goal. I was there last year to come in and slowly build towards that goal and to make an impact, no pun intended. But my goal for this year is to be the face of IMPACT wrestling. To be the guy, and that’s a goal I think I will achieve. I think it’s something I’m extremely capable of.”

On people asking about his contract status: “People out there feel entitled to know everything. I was just watching Tom Brady’s Man in the Arena this morning, and he talks about that. Everybody feels entitled to know everything going on behind the scenes, what’s going on in people’s personal lives, what’s going on professionally, how much people are making.

“It’s nobody’s business, man, so anybody really hates what I just said, that’s too damn bad. That’s between me and Scott D’amore, everybody at IMPACT, and everybody in my family, and everybody who’s going to be affected by it. You know, in terms of how long I’m there or what I’m making, that’s nobody’s business. That’s just my opinion. But yeah, I’m with IMPACT right now, and my goal is to be the face of the company.”

On keeping business terms private: “Everybody thinks they know until they don’t know. People feel entitled to know everything, especially personal business. I don’t think that’s right or appropriate. What’s my business is my business, and I’m going to keep that between me and them. All I will say is that I’m going to keep busting my ass to help IMPACT grow, and I’m going to keep busting my ass until I am the top guy there. So, for now, I’m with IMPACT wrestling for the foreseeable future. As far as everything else goes, everyone else can keep speculating.”

(h/t – Wrestling Inc)

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