Wade Barrett Wants A New Theme Song, Cabana Note


Wade Barrett recently told Digital Spy that he wants a new theme song by The Manic Street Preachers at some point. Bassist Nicky Wire has now responded, saying it could happen.

He said: “I suppose it’s quite fitting. I think it might happen actually. I think when we get a bit of downtime James would like to do it. It’s the genius of being in the band – Arthur Scargill, Kylie Minogue and Wade Barrett. That’s our demographic.”

There’s no word on if Barrett will get the new theme, but he did say he let WWE’s musical department know about it and has his “fingers crossed” for something to happen.

— The documentary covering Adam Pearce and Colt Cabana’s “Seven Levels of Hate” feud and matches over the NWA World Title has been officially released. The film covers the feud that raged between the two last year. The documentary was produced and directed by Pearce and will document the whole of the feud as well as the problems that were encountered by the two in completing the feud when the NWA went through a change in leadership due to litigation.

The two hour and twelve minute film includes interviews with Pearce, Cabana, Dave Marquez of Championship Wrestling Hollywood, Chris Gough of Metro Pro Wrestling and Sheldon Goldberg of NECW amond others; the 2 DVD set includes all the matches as well as the narrative portion of the documentary.

You can order the DVD here.

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