Walter Is Excited for Imperium’s Eight-Man Tag at Worlds Collide


In an interview with PWInsider, Walter said he’s excited for the upcoming eight-man tag team match at Worlds Collide, featuring Imperium vs. The Undisputed Era:

On Worlds Collide:

“Yeah, first of all it’s very exciting, I think, if I think back, I can’t truly remember when there was, the last eight man tag main event of NXT at Takeover, this show, which Worlds Collide is, besides from War Games. And I think obviously it’s an NXT UK versus NXT thing when it comes to like brand wise. But I think yeah, their focus is more about, it’s actually Undisputed Era versus Imperium.

Which is I guess the two most dominant or most, the groups that people are most excited about at the moment. And I think it’s going to be very interesting to see because it’s two brands, a lot of fans could have followed NXT and supported Undisputed Era over the years, but also in the same time supported Imperium on the other brand. And now they’ve got to make a decision, or they might be torn. So I think it’s going to be a very exciting evening for the fans at Worlds Collide.”

On how excited he is for the match:

“Yeah, very. Because Undisputed Era, all of them, every single wrestler is, they’re unique in their way. And also, they’re some of the best wrestlers that are active right now worldwide. And so, we’re always aiming for the biggest challenge or biggest competition possible. And I think we find it in Undisputed Era.

And even like the last year, following NXT and following the world of wrestling, like Adam Cole, Kyle O’Reilly have always been two of the wrestlers I was very excited about watching them and see what they do. So yeah, at the end, that’s what it’s all about, the competition, and the best competition. So that’s what we’re here for. That’s why I’m very excited about it.”

On Survivor Series:

“Yeah, for me personally, like Survivor Series, I never believed in the brand wars kind of thing, because I always kind of focus on myself and the group. The group would be Imperium, that’s where my focus is. And professional wrestling, for me is a competition. And then the way it’s a singles match or it’s a tag team, or six man tag, eight man tag, whatever you can ask. But if it’s a match up where it’s 15 people combined, separated in three teams, and it’s always three guys in the ring at the same time.

That’s kind of when wrestling for me turns into the action show, so I more or less got caught up into something I wasn’t personally invested in that much, so I would rather see it as a mistake for myself. And yeah, I think I failed ultimately in certain things and I learned from that, and it reminded me where my focus should be. And you know, my focus should be on things like that Saturday. Like that kind of wrestling, that kind of competition. That’s where my focus is, yep, that’s fine. It falls on that.”

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