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NewsAEWWardlow Says He Realized His Dreams “Very Late," Talks All Out Confrontation

Wardlow Says He Realized His Dreams “Very Late,” Talks All Out Confrontation



AEW wrestler Wardlow recently spoke with The Daily Gazette to discuss the debut of All Elite Wrestling in Albany, New York tomorrow night.

During the interview, the reigning AEW TNT Champion commented on getting a late start in the pro wrestling business, how he views his accomplishments thus far, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his reaction when the pandemic hit: “I had just made my dreams come true. I’m finally a professional wrestler on TV, traveling the United States city to city. And then it was taken away from me so quickly. And I remember thinking, ‘Is this really my luck? I finally make my dreams come true, and now the world is over.’”

On what he sees for the future after the All Out confrontation: “Absolutely. There’s some changes. I’m just entering a new era in my life. I’m evolving, things are changing. I’ve just become a hungrier, more intense version of myself, and I’m ready to display that and I’m ready to let the rest of the world feel that.”

On how he views his accomplishments thus far: “I have to, on a daily basis, truly remind myself that this is my life. I got started very late. I’m 34, and AEW’s only been around for three years. I went through a lot of negatives in life to get to this point. After 13 years of struggling and depression, drugs, alcohol, everything you could throw at me, only three years of your dreams isn’t enough to reverse all that. There’s days I have to remind myself that, ‘Hey, you’re living your dreams. This is your life now. Everything’s OK.’ It’s powerful, and it’s overwhelming at times, but I thank God multiple times a day, every day, for what my life is today.”

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