Wardlow Says He’ll Be AEW World Champion At Some Point, Talks Other Goals


AEW star Wardlow recently spoke with Forbes to discuss his aspirations to become the AEW World Champion, but he first wants to capture the TNT Championship.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his goals in AEW: “This is what people need to understand. I am absolutely 100 percent, without a doubt, without a question, am going to be AEW World Heavyweight Champion one day. That doesn’t even concern me. To me, that’s money in the bank. I cannot give my energy to the AEW World Title until I take care of unfinished business. You don’t just get to disrespect Wardlow and get away with it, and there’s a gentleman in the company that has, so it’s time for him to pay the piper.”

On wanting the TNT Championship: “I want to hold every title in the company, so the TNT title just happens to be the first one that presented itself to me. Of course, everybody wants to be world heavyweight champion. I want to be world heavyweight champion, but more than that, I want the title that I’ve thought about every day. I want the title that I believe is rightfully mine, and more so than that, I need to teach Dan Lambert and Scorpio Sky some respect.”

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