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Wardlow Says MJF Is “A Piece Of Sh*t”



Wardlow was once employed by MJF before ultimately breaking free and going off on his own in AEW. He ended up squashing his former boss at Double or Nothing and has set his sights on the TNT Championship. Now, the 260-pound monster has given some unfiltered thoughts on his former boss.

During a recent interview with “The Wrestling Classic” podcast, Wardlow was asked about MJF, which he responded with the following:

“We were together for three years, he was the first three years of my career, he was a big part of my career,” Wardlow said. “So if anybody is allowed to touch on this subject, it probably is me. But I’ll just say this: He’s not a good person. He really is a piece of sh*t. It was not enjoyable working with him. He put me through more stress than anything. And his behavior, inside of the business and outside of the business, is unacceptable. But that’s all I’m going to say about that .”

MJF hasn’t been seen on television since his infamous “pipe-bomb” promo on Dynamite. There is still no word on when MJF will return, if at all.

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