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Wardlow Wants To “Make Wrestling Cool Again”



Wardlow says he wants to “make wrestling cool again.”

During a recent appearance on “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy” podcast, the AEW TNT Champion commented on the possibility of becoming a crossover star by working in both pro wrestling and Hollywood, his goal of making wrestling ‘cool’ again, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Matt Hardy saying he could become a crossover star: “So I really appreciate you saying that, because that’s something I’ve really thought about recently as something to pitch to Tony. Rather than pitching, ‘Hey, I have this wrestling idea,’ like, ‘Would it be beneficial for me to get like a movie role, or a TV role?’ I truly, — like I said, want AEW to be successful. So if me being able to do a movie role, which would just be another dream come true for me, can be also beneficial to this company and get a whole new set of eyes on us?”

On his goal of making wrestling ‘cool’ again: “I said this from day one: one of my main goals in pro wrestling was to make wrestling cool again. Or to be one of the people that helped make wrestling cool again. Growing up everybody was talking about pro wrestling. Adults were coming over, we were having full blown PPV parties, kids at school were talking about it, teachers we’re talking about it. Pro wrestling was cool; it was part of the mainstream media. I want to get back to that. I want kids to think it’s cool again, and to know it’s cool. I want kids to be talking about it at school. I want kids to be inspired by me. I want wrestling to be the rock star show it once was. And I truly believe that if I could go and it pull some some other people from different audiences to us, I truly feel I’m capable of doing that. I truly feel like I am the guy to do it. So maybe that’s the conversation I need to have with Tony.”

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