Warrior Talks Firing From WWE + Linda McMahon Update


— Jim Ross noted in his latest blog that he will be appearing with Jerry Lawler on June 10th in Houston for the CBS Radio Fan Fest. It will take place at the University of Houston Alumni Center from 1:00 – 3:00 PM.

— One of Linda McMahon’s opponents is about to begin airing attack ads against her in regard to her WWE past. Peter Lumaj, who is late to the race, is going after Linda for her WWE background, wrestling’s lack of unionization and WWE not paying health benefits to workers due to their “independent contractor” status. Interestingly, Lumaj is trying to hang these on her but also claim that she “had nothing to do with” WWE’s financial success. “Now she’s trying to take credit for it.” Lumaj said, adding, “I’m going to go after her positions (unions & health benefits) instead of her $50 million.” McMahon’s campaign spokeswoman Erin dismissed Lumaj, saying “The accusations are absurd and don’t dignify a response.”

— The Ultimate Warrior claims that he wasn’t fired from WWF in 1992 along with British Bulldog due to failed drug tests as Vince McMahon claimed. Warrior told MLW.com that he and Bulldog were made scapegoats for the federal steroid investigation.

“Vince was feeling the heat from the federal investigation in what ultimately became an indictment over the steroid thing,” he said. “It’s another one of those instances where he did what he had to do to protect his foremost interest, which was himself and his business. He made the claim that me and Davey Boy, Davey Boy got let go at the same time, that we had violated the drug policy at the time, which wasn’t true.”

He noted that the doctor in charge of WWE’s drug testing testified that he wasn’t fired for failing a drug test, saying, “We deposed Dr. Di Pasquale, who was in charge [of the drug policy]. We went to Canada and deposed him as part of the litigation and he said it wasn’t true. He was the guy that had the absolute authority in the program to decide who should be let go or if there was a different way of evaluating something. If they saw something on a wellness program test or something, it was up to him. He said he was totally shocked and surprised when Vince let me go and fired me. He never got a reason.”

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