​Was Bret Hart Ever Scared About Taking Yokozuna’s ‘Banzai Drop’?, Details Inside


WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently appeared on The Sharpshooter Show and responded to a fan question asking if he was scared taking the “Banzai Drop” from the late WWE Superstar Yokozuna. Bret said,

”Not most of the time. One time when we were in India and everybody had gotten really sick. I remember they told me Yoko was so sick he couldn’t wrestle but they didn’t have any replacements. It was in Delhi or something like that. It was in India and it might have been 80-90,000 people watching at a big soccer stadium. It was a huge crowd and they insisted that he had to go out and wrestle me. I remember Yoko got up and, like I said, he was sick all day. Not feeling well but he sucked it up like you do in wrestling or did back then. He went out and had the match with me and I remember him climbing up on to the second rope and I remember looking at the back of his ass and he had completely sh*t his trunks. There was sh*t everywhere. It was like he sat in a big puddle of pea soup. I remember thinking as I was lying there, “Oh my God!” He bravely jumped backwards and did his Banzai Drop and I moved out of the way and it reminded me of a stamp pad. Like there was a big brown stamp right in the middle of the ring where he landed and bounced. I felt bad for old Yoko because he was sicker than a dog. Nobody should have made him wrestle but he went in there and wrestled. After about five minutes he must have just let it rip. That was the only time I was ever scared of a Banzai Drop (laughs).”


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