Was JBL ‘Hacked’ Over The Weekend?, HOF News, Angle


JBL was inducted into the George Tragos/Lou Thesz Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Waterloo over the weekend alongside Don Curtis, Kurt Angle Road Warrior Animal, journalist Bill Apter and Dan Severn. JBL posted a photo of himself with Road Warrior Animal, Bill Apter, Jim Ross and Gerald Brisco.

While he was celebrating, the following tweet was sent to his account:

I am gay. ?#dontputthatontheinternet, I am coming out of the closet tonite in Waterloo ?#dontputthatontheinternet

JBL then apologized, posting:

Just figured out, I WASNT hacked! Left my phone on table last night when I went to bathroom and old wrestlers grabbed my phone. Funny!

I wasn’t hacked I was Briscoed! Left my phone and next thing I know I’ve come out of closet! Lol

I can’t prove 100 percent it was My pal Brisco, but I told several Brisco jokes at HoF and he was sitting next to my phone when I ‘came out’

Finally, as previously reported Kurt Angle no-showed the event. As a result, Gerald Briscoe auctioned it off and Jim Ross did running commentary:

Kurt Angle was unable to attend the HOF in Waterloo 2nite. Jerry Brisco auctioned off the award 4 $250.

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