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WATCH: Batista Speaks On What Vince McMahon Told Him Before SmackDown 1000 Appearance


As seen on WWE SmackDown 1000 in Washington, DC at the Capital One Arena on the USA Network, Triple H, Batista, Randy Orton, and Ric Flair reunited as the group, Evolution. They would all cut promos about the honor of being on the show.

Batista would later praise Orton and Flair but stated that when it comes to Triple H, he might run the business and has done it all but has never beaten him. Batista and Triple H had a stare down then hugged to close the segment.

WWE released a video of Batista commenting on his return to WWE. Here are a few highlights courtesy of

What Vince McMahon told him: “It was alright, it probably could have gone a little better, but I think considering how nervous I was. I told Vince how nervous I was, he said, ‘When you go out there, just tell them, be honest and speak from the heart.’ First thing I said, ‘I’m nervous’ because I was. I didn’t want to pull any punches, I was nervous, man.”

Fans welcoming Evolution: “It’s a special thing with Evolution, it’s just a special group. I know it’s a newer audience, but they can feel it. There’s a special vibe between all of us, there always has been, there always will be. So, it’s a timeless energy. I miss it here, I miss the energy, the immediate feedback. We’ll see where it goes, but it was quite an honor to be a part of this, especially since it was in my hometown.”


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