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WATCH: DDP Speaks On All In, NWA World Title Match, Cody Warning Wrestlers


WWE Hall of Famer DDP spoke with WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet. Here are the highlights.

Dusty Rhodes played a major part in the NWA World Heavyweight Championship match at ALL IN:

“Dusty used to always tell me ‘I got five friends D and every time I count them, you are one of them’ and that meant a lot to me. So when he passed, Cody called me and said Dusty, because he always calls him Dusty and not pops, he said ‘Dusty told me right before he passed that he had five friends and you’re on that list’. I appreciated that because I had heard it, but hearing it from him took it to a different level. So fast forward a year a half later and he’s putting together ALL IN, he really loved that five friends thing. And three guys who couldn’t have been any closer besides me were Ray Lloyd who is Glacier and Tommy Dreamer. He of course threw in his brother-in-law Kevin who he loves dearly and his father-in-law Otis and of course his dog Pharaoh. It was like super special and it was super emotional. We were all looking at each other trying not to cry.”

Cody warning the wrestlers on the ALL IN card not to go over on time:

“Cody told everybody: Be on time, hit your mark, don’t go over. And those guys had a hell of a match but they could have done half that and still had a hell of a match. Bottom line is Cody put on a memo: you’re not stealing the show, you’re stealing from others.”

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