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NewsWatch MLW Fusion Episode 61

Watch MLW Fusion Episode 61



MLW has released the latest episode of their Fusion series on YouTube. You can see the full video and synopsis below:

The Dynasty is on cloud 9 having attacked Teddy Hart and denied the Hart Foundation championship gold last week at Fury Road.
Now, the mouthy MJF looks to outwit and outwrestle 6’6” Davey Boy Smith Jr. as the Bulldog clashes with the obnoxious New Yorker in the main event on this week’s FUSION.
Will the league be able to keep the warring Hart Foundation and Dynasty apart or will all six men collide once again? One of the craziest feuds of the year heats up going into the summer as Smith battles MJF for the first time ever in singles action.
What is the state of the World Heavyweight Champion “Filthy” Tom Lawlor following last week’s savage attack? Lawlor will break his silence in the fallout of CONTRA Unit’s campaign of psychological terror.
The queen of ratings is back running MLW’s flagship show the week of June 15th. MLW can confirm Salina de la Renta will oversee FUSION as the executive producer of the June 15th broadcast with complete autonomy.
What does the Empresaria have in store? What matches will be made? Will the Puerto Rican powerbroker use this power to destroy her enemies… or make new alliances? The world will get a hint on FUSION as the Empresaria reveals the line-up for the June 15th broadcast.
CONTRA vows to continue its “demonstration of violence” as the outsiders attempt to disrupt and destroy MLW.
Fresh off of the historic National Openweight Championship finals, the newly minted National Champ himself, Alex Hammerstone, will be in the house.
Myron Reed wants justice following last week’s match against Gringo Loco. What does the Louisville native have to say this week? Tune in to find out.
The first Kings of Colosseum control center will reveal the main event for the July 6 event.
Atlantic City’s Ace Austin looks to get back into title contention as he takes on the masked Minnesotan Air Wolf in middleweight competition.
“The Haitian Sensation” has had a challenging year thus far but a win over the 6’4” Richard Holliday of the Dynasty would send shockwaves throughout the league… but MLW’s “most marketable” athlete has another idea for the fan favorite scrappy underdog.
Join MLW’s play-by-play broadcaster Rich Bocchini alongside analyst Jim Cornette for a night of top-ranked action from the greater Milwaukee area!
• MJF vs. Davey Boy Smith Jr.
• Kotto Brazil vs. Richard Holliday
• Air Wolf vs. Ace Austin
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