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NewsWatch MLW Fusion Episode 67 - Davey Boy vs Hammerstone

Watch MLW Fusion Episode 67 – Davey Boy vs Hammerstone



MLW has released the latest episode of their Fusion series on YouTube. You can see the full video and synopsis below:

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This week on Fusion, experience TWO big main events in 60 minutes of fighting.
One of Mexico’s greatest rivalries continues as LA Park and Dr. Wagner Jr. clash in tag team competition. In a multi-generational melee, both legendary luchadores will team with their respective son with national pride on the line. In a match Promociones Dorado’s Salina de la Renta brokered, this spectacular bout has international implications.
In the other main event, the bitter feud between the Hart Foundation and the Dynasty continues as Davey Boy Smith Jr. challenges Alex Hammerstone for the National Openweight Championship. Just 7 days after the Dynasty’s shocking World Tag Team Championship win, Davey Boy Smith looks to wrestle gold away from the emerging franchise player within Dynasty.
Following the turbulent events last week involving the “Southern Psychopath,” Salina de la Renta summons a Tijuana gremlin to do her bidding. Can the desperate de la Renta somehow find a way to get the 2019 Battle Riot golden ticket?
Plus, the Von Erich boys have some fighting words for CONTRA Unit.
Georgia Smith has an exclusive interview with The Dynasty as the trio celebrate their shocking World Tag Team Championship win
Konnan has a surprise of his own for Salina de la Renta… what is it? One thing is for sure, the guiding light of lucha libre knows how to keep it 100 and play dirty.
CONTRA has sent in a video and is insisting on MLW playing it. What does the video contain? Tune in to find out!

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