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Watch MLW Fusion Episode 71 – NYC Street Fight!


MLW has released the latest episode of their Fusion series on YouTube. You can see the full video and synopsis below:

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What happens when Mexico’s most feared brawler take on England’s most dangerous man?
Thanks to Konnan’s “first wish,” a dream match may turn into a nightmare for Salina de la Renta as her destroyer LA Park is forced to take on her slithering associate Jimmy Havoc in a New York Street Fight in this week’s wild main event.
Information is power and Konnan has a lot of info and dirt on Salina de la Renta. Will the Puerto Rican powerbroker get her power back or will Konnan continue to mess with Promociones Dorado and the empresaria?
Another one of Salina de la Renta’s enemies Mance Warner will also be in the house as Promociones Dorado dispatches Salina’s personal “El Sicario” to take out the Bucksnort brawler once and for all. Will the summer of the Southern Psychopath end at the hands of Martinez? Or will Salina regret setting this showdown in motion?
MLW will share an update on Marshall Von Erich.
“Filthy” Tom Lawlor has some news that he promises will shake CONTRA Unit to its core. What does the scrappy MMA fighter have in store for the global dealers in violence? Tune in to find out.
Speaking of the war between Lawlor and CONTRA, who is the fourth member of Lawlor and the Von Erichs team? The world is watching but will we get any closer to an answer?
After a wild few weeks, the Hart Foundation have finished the much-anticipated next episode of H2tv.
Plus: the War Chamber control center and more!
Join Tony Schiavone and Rich Bocchini from the sold-out Melrose Ballroom in New York City for a hot hour of top-ranked wrestling.

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