WATCH: The Ending to This Week’s WWE SmackDown! Live Broadcast


As seen during this week’s WWE SmackDown! Live broadcast, Daniel Bryan and Rowan were not happy with Buddy Murphy after he told Roman Reigns on last week’s WWE SmackDown! Live broadcast that Rowan was the one who has been attacking him.

At the end of this week’s SmackDown! Live, Daniel Bryan and Rowan did a similar segment to what Roman Reigns did last week, clearing out a room full of Superstars but keeping Buddy Murphy in the room. Rowan assaulted Murphy until he said that he lied about Rowan being the attacker. Of course, he never mentioned Daniel Bryan and the plan is still for Daniel Bryan to be revealed as the attacker. So yes, Murphy “lied” about Rowan last week but Daniel Bryan still hasn’t been implicated in the attacks.

A video of the segment can be seen below:

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