Watch The Latest Episode Of ‘Being The Elite’ – Christopher Daniels’ Return Teased


The latest episode of “Being the Elite’ featured Christopher Daniels, as he “teased” a return to AEW in the near future. Here is a full episode recap:

* We start off with video of the Young Bucks doing damage to Christopher Daniels in his last tag team match alongside Frankie Kazarian, with Daniels talking about how when you go to war, you know that there will be trauma that causes wounds. And while some wounds heal, others become scars that remind you of your mistakes. Daniels says that he had a plan, but it failed. He let Kazarian down and gambled everything, but lost it all. And now, he’s all alone. We see him in the gym with a Fallen Angel shirt working out. He says no goal, no team, and no cause other than the right to keep fighting. So he fights, and since he lost it all he has nothing left to lose. After 28 years, what he thought was the end might truly be a new beginning.


* 2point0 are shown with their BTE Championship. The title has been theirs for a few weeks, but Matt Lee says he can’t get “the blondie” (Renee Paquuette) out of his mind. He thinks that Renee wants the title and says that if she wants a shot, then get in line. They talk about how everyone just walks up and gets a shot, and they want to institute a ranking system for the title.

* The Bucks and Brandon Cutler are walking through New York City doing shopping for shoes as usual. They show up at Arthur Ashe Stadium and talk about how they haven’t been in New York City for a while. Nick talks about how the younger guys on the roster are texting them, asking if they’re nervous. Nick says that they did seven Tokyo Dome shoes and this is more like a house show, but it’s still big for them. They talk about how Cutler has never been in the Tokyo Dome and head inside.

They make their way through the stadium and we see footage of the prep for the show, then we get backstage footage of Bryan Danielson and Kenny Omega heading out for their match. Clips of Cutler’s video of the match are seen, and then we see Omega come back from the bout professing that there will not be a rematch.

* Back to the Hollywood Hills for Ryan Nemeth’s cream segment. He says that now we know that Meltzer isn’t watching, he gives some backstage gossip: John Silver requires 24-hour nursing care, Anna Jay is a clergyman, Trent is seven people, and -1 was wounded in Vietnam. Milk says Ryan promised he could be in some, so Ryan gives him some dialogue to read in which Milk insults himself. Nemeth drinks cream, and we get some quick flashes of weird stuff.

* The Young Bucks are backstage with Doc Gallows, arguing that it’s time for their segment but Karl Anderson has locked himself in a room. Adam Cole says they need to go, even if Anderson isn’t coming out. The group heads out, but Matt does some personal grooming beforehand.

* We then have clips of The ELite heading out to the ring and when Cutler asks Matt how he’s doing, Matt answers, “I feel nothing!” Cole then comes out and they all hit the ring, with highlights of the match shown.

* Alex Reynolds is backstage, where he finds John Silver about to drink some piss. Silver says it’s sterile and he likes the taste, but Alex makes him put it down. He says they need to find a new friend and begin looking around, seeing Wardlow getting dressed. They walk up and try to flatter him, and when he asks them to watch how close they get Alex says they’re not trying to recruit him for the Dark Order and are past that; they’re just looking for him to be their friend. Silver says they could be friends with benefits. Wardlow asks about Silver being about to drink his own piss and Silver says it wasn’t his own. Wardlow says he respects them, but he’s better off with now friends. He tells Alex to help Silver out and leaves. Alex asks who’s going to love them now, and Silver starts crying.

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