WATCH: The Rock Comments On Potential US Presidential Run In 2020


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson spoke with Variety while promoting his new movie Skyscraper (transcript courtesy of WrestleZone). In this interview, he talked about the doing his own stunt work as well as potentially running for United States President in 2020 (video down below).

“I try and do as many of my own stunts as I possibly can do, but if there’s anything that gets really hairy or a potential to go really sideways, I got a great stunt double. He’s my cousin, we’ve worked together for years. He’s broken many bones and torn many ligaments in the spirit of doing a great job for the movie.

I come from a very physical world. Before I started acting I was in professional wrestling which is like a big chereographed dance. I couldn’t afford, at that time, a stunt double—not that I had to pay for them— there aren’t any stunt doubles in wrestling. I was taking the falls myself, so I come from that action world with stunts and hits, and I always enjoy it.”

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