WCW Thunder Not Being Added To WWE Network, Bobby Roode Hypes WWE Starrcade (Video)


— PWinsider.com is reporting that a decision was made to hold off on the WCW Thunder series being added to the WWE Network. It’s possible that the reason that the episodes were not added is due to the ongoing legal issues with Buff Bagwell and Scott Levy (Raven) suing the company regarding the company not paying royalties on WWE Network material for content that talents would receive royalties for if it was released via physical media, such as DVDs. Also, Sunday Night Heat, which was slated to be added before the end of the year, is on hold.

— WWE has released this clip of Bobby Roode hyping his match with Dolph Ziggler at the November 25th WWE Starrcade live event in Greensboro, NC. You can watch it here:

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