We May Have Seen The End Of Kurt Angle In TNA


Source: Wrestling Observer newsletter

Kurt Angle may pretty much be done with TNA since he will be out for several months because of reconstructive surgery as opposed to arthroscopic surgery. Angle says that this will keep him out for five months so that means he’s out until mid-October. His deal with TNA expires in September. TNA is not advertising him for the UK tour for this coming January so that looks to be an indication that he won’t be around when his deal expires. 

Angle has talked about going back to WWE but it’s impossible for him to work their full time schedule. WWE has not shown interest in him in the past but people have talked about him possibly being a trainer at NXT but that may not be lucrative enough for Angle. If Jeff Jarrett has solid backers it’s possible he could sign with Global Force Wrestling. GFW is looking for newer, lower priced wrestlers, but the company will need some “names” to help boost their roster so Angle might fit the bill. People in TNA say not to read into this that he’s 100% gone from the company, however. Angle has been working without an ACL for years on one of his knees.

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