Welcome to the New eWrestlingNews!


Dear Readers,

We’ve been working very hard in the last six months to put together a newer, snazzier, and community driven eWN. While its not completely perfect, we believe this is a step towards better engagement, readership, and interaction.

We are working hard to improve your experience and we know it might take sometime to get used to. However, we’re here to walk you through the process.

The new eWN allows YOU to contribute to the site. It will be a editor curated, user contributed platform while still providing the latest and fastest wrestling news around. We will be hiring new position and staffing up our site to better accommodate and manage the system. 

Things we are working on:

We are still working on a few improvements and features of the site. Including making mobile access equally friendly as desktop, improving our forum access, and site-wide final bug fixes. 

We NEED your constructive feedback on this. That means telling us what we can do to move forward better, together.

Please feel free to use the “Feedback” button on the right side tab, or leave comments in this thread!

WELCOME! and looking forward to the first WrestleMania with you all!

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