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NewsWesley Blake Reveals The Gimmick That Vince McMahon Dislikes

Wesley Blake Reveals The Gimmick That Vince McMahon Dislikes



Westin Blake, the man formerly known as Wesley Blake has detailed the struggles for a wrestler when they first join NXT.

Speaking on The Angle Podcast with Joey Karni, Blake had this to say:

“You know when you first get there [NXT], you just kind of want to get your niche or get out there somehow just get in front of a crowd and from TV and stuff like that so I was doing the cowboy gimmick. Because I did that at my tryouts in 2012. I cut my promos and stuff like that wearing a cowboy hat and kind of dressed up as a cowboy, and when I left there,  I realised like oh man. You know that there’s not any cowboys, you’re not gonna find any cowboy characters at that time in NXT and I think that, I thought that would have been a good way to kind of get on TV quicker, and stuff like that, so you know when I got to NXT in 2013. That was kind of my niche and kind of going with it. It got me on live events, you know, from about three months of kind of like searching for names and stuff like that and cutting promos, and it kind of helped me out, cutting promos wise because I can leave with, with a one-line saying or something like that. And it’s just kind of like trying to find your groove in NXT and there’s of course a lot and a lot of talented people. So, getting on TV was quite scarce and it was hard and especially as a new face there.”

Blake would then explain exactly why his cowboy gimmick didn’t last long in NXT, revealing the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon dislikes cowboy characters. With Blake saying that:

“After probably about once about six or seven months of doing that they kind of, I kind of got the impression or was told that like, Hey Vince McMahon doesn’t really like cowboys, he thinks it’s kind of overdone, especially in the wrestling business and stuff like that so you’re going to kind of have to like switch up your character so you’re gonna have to start pitching some more ideas.”

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You can listen to Wesley Blake’s full interview on The Angle Podcast with Joey Karni below:

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