Wesley Blake Says He Regrets Not Having A Better Relationship With Triple H


During a recent appearance on the The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling, former WWE Superstar Wesley Blake commented on his release from WWE and regretting that he didn’t have a better relationship with Triple H. He said,

“We had a couple of talks with me and Buddy and (then) Steve and Ryker and I, but nothing more than creative. He would tell us what he wanted out of us and that kind of stuff. That’s one thing that I told Steve, not like we didn’t try, but I wish we had a better relationship with Triple H. We were there for a long time and I think he knew that we could go but we never had that relationship like I could give him a call or text. We did start having that relationship with Shawn Michaels, which was great since he is Triple H’s right-hand man. I think that’s what helped us get on TV. Shawn went to an NXT road show and we had a match with the Street Profits that went 25-30 minutes. It’s one of my favorite matches. We got to the back and Shawn had high praise. I think Shawn tipped the hat like, ‘Hey Triple H, we should do something with these guys.’”

(h/t – Fightful)

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