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What Did Bray Wyatt Do On This Week’s Episode Of WWE SmackDown? (Video)



Bray Wyatt officially returned to the WWE SmackDown brand on Friday night to address the fans with a promo.

As Wyatt was being his real self and cutting an emotional promo thanking the fans for their support, he was confronted by his masked self.

During the promo, Wyatt thanked the fans for sticking with him and supporting him through the last year. He would go on to say that they inspired him through some tough times. At that point, he was cut off as a video of his masked self appeared on the TitanTron. The masked Wyatt said,

“Oh little one, my little one. Come with me. Your life is done. Forget the future, forget the past. Life is over, breathe your last. You got no idea who you’re dealing with, do you? Oh, but you will.”

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