What Does Bully Ray Think Of TNA Spoiling This Week’s iMPACT! Broadcast?, & More


The v2 Wrestling
recently interviewed TNA’s Bully Ray
about TNA spoiling the end of Impact Wrestling with him putting Dixie Carter
through a table. Below are some highlights:

His thoughts on TNA spoiling the big moment with a
“When you watch other TV shows
whether they are soap operas or reality TV, many TV shows show you what’s coming
the following week, and you always want to encourage the highest amount of
people to watch your product, so I have no problem with it.”

On comparisons between the
ECW and TNA locker rooms:
“I do
appreciate where he was coming from, to see the guys all amped up and ready to
go, and more passionate than ever before, but nothing will ever replicate or
duplicate the feeling and the rush that it was like to be in a company like

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