What Happened After AEW Double Or Nothing Went Off The Air?


Following last night’s AEW Double or Nothing pay-per-view event, the Inner Circle continued to celebrate their win over the Pinnacle.

Chris Jericho grabbed a microphone and said he ‘can’t stop smiling’ and loves it when the fans chant ‘AEW’. Jericho then asked Sammy Guevara how to say ‘amazing’ in Spanish and Guevara said, ‘el Amazing.’ Jericho then went on to praise the Stadium Stampede match, saying that he thought it was another success.

He thanked the city of Jacksonville, FL for hosting AEW during the last fourteen months. He also thanked the fans, saying they are proof ‘we can have fun again’. Jericho then asked if the crowd was booing Jacksonville, but was told that they were changing Duval, the county in Florida where the city is located. Jericho said he didn’t know what that meant because he’s Canadian. Jericho then handed the microphone to Guevara, who thanked the crowd and the Inner Circle. Jericho took the microphone one last time and told everyone to have a great night. He also confirmed the show was a legitimate sellout.

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