What Happened After Last Night’s RAW + Live Notes


After last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW went off the air, The Big Show was removed from the building by security, following instructions from Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Daniel Bryan then defeated Randy Orton in the dark match. This wasn’t the usual 20-minute match WWE has been running at most WWE Live events, but rather a short, solid win for Bryan to send the crowd home happy.

Several reports are saying that while Bray Wyatt was on Raw tonight, and walking around without help, when the cameras were off of him he was definitely favoring the injured leg. Also, despite Randy Orton being the #1 heel in the company at the moment, possibly after Triple H, he got a mixed reaction from the crowd, with a lot of people cheering for him over Dolph Ziggler. Orton has always been incredibly over with the female demographic.

Jason Boyd also sent in this report:

Before the show, we took a ride down to the Jerry Lawler Museum in Tunica, MS at the Resorts Casino. Mostly artwork by Jerry and items from his career, but very cool to check out since this sort of attraction is rare for professional wrestling.

They announced a 3/10/14 Raw taping here. They have a pre-sale already using code MEMPHIS.

From where we were sitting, we could see where the Big Show’s truck was parked before it drove out, so the stuff on the Titan Tron was pre-taped. I don’t blame them because imagine if the truck stalled out on live TV?

After Raw went off the air, we had a short final match where Daniel Bryan pinned Randy Orton.

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