What Happened After RAW + Another Fan Incident


Thanks to Derek Gash for sending in these live notes from The Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Ontario, Canada:

The crowd was chanting “Thank You Savage” during matches as there was a fan dressed as Savage and looked just like him. The crowd kept getting live whenever he stood up.

Edge got the pop of the night being here in his hometown, followed by Santino Marella and Goldust,

During the commercial break after the RVD match, “The Macho Man” fan was spoken to by WWE staff. I’m not sure what they said to him but he toned it down from that point on. This seems like the fan incident last week on RAW where WWE staff came out and told fans dressed as Hogan, Piper, etc. to tone it down. The crowd had been distracted since the match between ADR and R-Truth due to the fan.

Damien Sandow had repeated a part of his promo that he did during the commercial break when the cameras returned live. It was the same stuff that he had already while during the break

After RAW went off the air, Curtis Axl and Paul Heyman came out. As they hit the ring, Punk’s music hit he came out with the kendo stick and hit Heyman a couple times. Heyman took off back up the stage and a match started between Axel and Punk. Punk landed a GTS on Axl and won via pinfall. Punk then proceeded to hit him with the chair and then celebrated with the Toronto crowd sending everyone happy.

Goodnight Toronto!

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