What Happened After RAW + Live News & Notes


Credit Frisco K Tank and Pwinsider.com:

Once the crowd settled in, it was about 80-85% full. Which is actually sad for a Dallas show but at least it was a very lively crowd.

With all the garbage that’s been on RAW this year, Dallas has been very fortunate to get 2 of the best tv matches of the year. We had Cena/Punk in February (it’s on the 50 Years of WWE DVD) and of course Orton/Bryan tonight which was outstanding to say the least. There were 4 outstanding wrestling matches tonight. As a paying customer, can’t ask for much better.

I know the Rhodes Brothers breakup is coming but I hope they delay it. That team is magic. Goldust especially. They are incredibly over.

Triple H did not do a good job explaining the main event was a non title match. It took about an hour for the crowd to realize it.

HBK was a great surprise. The crowd ate up that promo.

After the show went off the air, Orton went another 10 minutes with Cena & Booker T was special ref. Basic match. Orton got DQed for hitting Booker & Cena with the title, but the faces got their revenge & Booker did a spinaroonie to send the crowd home happy.

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