​What Happened After RAW + Live News & Notes


Erik “T-Bo” Thibault sent in this report:

Here’s some information, dark match results and much more from to night’s RAW
taping in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

WWE Superstars:

* Dolph Ziggler vs Titus O’Neil. “Let’s go Ziggler” chants early. Ziggler won
with the Zig Zag in an okay match. Ziggle pounded the mat with his hand several
times after the match was over.

* Heath Slater vs Adam Rose. Rose took off Hornswoggle’s wig, Slater missed
with an avalanche and then Rose won with the party foul. Crowd wasn’t into Rose.
Referee Charles Robinson wiped his feet off on the apron, ala Ric Flair, before
the ring entrances


* The entire crowd erupted and stood for the first Shield entrance.

* Crowd died for a bit after Heyman teased Lesnar’s appearance chanting “We
Want Lesnar” during Cesaro and RVD’s match.

* Crowd loved the main event.


* Cena walked up the stage while Ambrose and Reigns celebrated in the ring.
Ambrose took apart the announcers table, tipped over the step and threw a chair
into the ring. Both men high-fived the fans around ringside and up the stage. No
post-show angle.

* RAW back in Minneapolis December 22nd. Tickets on sale October 25th. WWEPRE
is presale password.

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