What Happened After RAW + Tommy Dreamer Rips TMZ


— After this week’s WWE RAW went off the air, The Undertaker slowly walked to the back and received cheers from the crowd. The post-RAW dark match featured John Cena, Ryback, and Sheamus defeating The Shield by DQ. Roman Reigns hit Cena with a chair resulting in the DQ. Afterwards, Cena, Ryback, and Shemus cleared the ring and hit their finishers to send the crowd home happy.

— Tommy Dreamer posted the following via Facebook last night: “I am in shock & disgusted. I just saw tmz.com promote Ric Flair 911 phone call abut his son. I usually enjoy the tv show & follow their website but there comes a time when journalistic integrity has to take a back seat to being a human being. I don’t understand how that is public knowledge or why people would want to hear a fathers pleas for his dying son. I know 911 records its calls but it has to be illegal for these recorded converstaions to be broadcast to the public. If it was me I would sue 911 the city & state & tmz I spoke to Ric that morning & I told him I love him & he coudnt speak just sobbing & thanking me for the support. TMZ I know some of your reporters they are al always so cordial & cool. I have been on the show a few times but, just like networks have decided not to show the WARE Basketball leg break, it is wrong to promote a situation like Rics or any celebrity all so people can click on the internet for advertisers money and profit. Being arrested, drunk or just stupid in the public eye is one thing & being a celebrity you give up certain rites but not in that case. Very upset with your choice to go with that story.”

For what it’s worth, 911 calls are public record and authorities are the ones that release them. Despite people ALWAYS bitching about them being released, they are the same people who listen and they turn out to be the highest viewed posts on websites. As sad as it is, people are intrigued by it for some reason. It’s just the way the human brain works I guess? I can’t explain why myself and thousands of others choose to listen to it … but we do. Just very, VERY sad stuff. This is one of the shitty times to have to be in the media. We have to cover the good and bad.

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