What Happened After RAW + Y2J Responds To Ziggler


Chris Jericho posted the following to Twitter during RAW: Heard Dolph used my music tonight. Well it’s about time he got a good ring song, as that “I Am Perfection” tune is crap #JustAnotherWannabe

— After WWE RAW went off the air this week, Jerry Lawler slowly left the ring, leaving only John Cena. The Big Show’s music hit and he came out for the advertised dark match with John Cena. Big Show had a microphone and told Cena they had some “unfinished business” to settle but the crowd in Milwaukee, WI didn’t deserve to see him fight tonight. As he began to leave the ring, the referee rang the bell and the match began. Cena went outside, grabbed The Big Show and put him back into the ring. After a short bout, Cena hit the AA (Attitude Adjustment) for the win to send the crowd home “happy”.

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