What Happened After WrestleMania 28 + Batista News


— After WrestleMania 28 was over, The Rock and John Cena had a staredown with Cena at the top of the entrance ramp and Rock in the ring. Cena left and Rock celebrated with the fans. He high-fived fans around the ring. His family, along with his mother, were at ringside. He also signed autographs, including on his old college football jersey and the official program for WrestleMania. He pointed to a fan’s sign that read “If Cena wins, we riot” and he mouthed “Not here. Not in Miami.”

— Batista was in Miami this weekend for a triathlon event. Styleseendaily.com has posted coverage of the triathlon. Here is an excerpt: “April 1, 2012: Carter Lay, California philanthropist and health and exercise enthusiast from the potato chip family that we all know and love, participated in the Nautica South Beach Triathlon this morning with teammate Dave Bautista, WWE Superstar turned actor, and set a record with the most an individual has donated to this event in its entire history with an individual donation of $20,000. The race supports St. Jude’s Research Center.”

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