What Happened After WWE RAW + Live News & Notes


Source: Pwinsider.com

Dave Hancock sent this one in:

When Raw went off the air, CM Punk was on the ramp with the urn. After that, Undertaker helped tend to Kane. They both stood in the ring as the arena went black, with Taker’s purple lights and theme music, while Paul Bearer’s “remembrance” photo was on the Tron. They walked up the ramp together, side by side. As they got to the top of the ramp, on the stage, they looked up once again at Paul’s photo. Side by side, with their backs to the audience, they bowed their heads and at the same time (moments later) they each rose their right fists in the air. They stood for a few seconds in that pose then continued to the back.

The dark match main event was announced by Justin Roberts as a 6 man tag, but it for whatever reason ended up being only John Cena and Ryback vs. The Shield. The match saw a DQ finish due to The Shield interfering. Cena and Ryback hit their finishers and big spots on everyone to send the crowd home happy.

It should be mentioned that about half way through the Punk/Kane match, Chioda threw the “X” sign to the trainer while checking on Punk, as he laid in the floor. The trainer ran over, out of camera view, and spoke to Punk. This happened about 3 times during the rest of the match, with Chioda subtly giving the “X” sign to the trainer at ringside each time. Before Punk stole the urn, he spent quite a bit of time with Chioda and the trainer directly in front of the announcer’s table. It appears he was working with a legitimate injury.

Nick Shields sent this one in:

Right as Raw went off the air, Undertaker and Kane walked to the back at the same time, and pointed at the Titantron of the picture of Paul Bearer. As soon as they left, John Cena entrance music hit and got a great reaction despite it being so late, then Ryback came out followed by the Shield.

John Cena and Ryback defeated The Shield by DQ. The Shield were disqualified for bringing a chair into the match. Super Cena and Ryback fended off the Shield and hit their finishers to end the night they both walked around ringside and shook hands.

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