What Happened After WWE RAW Went Off The Air, More


Credit: Josh Lavian and Pwtorch.com

After Raw went off the air, Big Show slapped John Laurinaitis’s chest twice then left. Then, Cena called Ryder out, who came out and grabbed Johnny and stopped him from leaving, brought him to the ring, and gave Johnny a Broski kick. The crowd was hot for Ryder, even though he wrestled on Superstars earlier.

Finally, Hunter came out, mentioned Johnny’s chest was red, but his back was white, and Cena chopped his back twice, then Hunter gave him the Pedigree. The faces left afterwards. Finally, Johnny got to his feet and was at the top of the ramp when Vince came out, made like he was going to help him, and then gave him a low blow. That was where it ended for the live crowd.

— Also of note during Raw, some guy next to us had a feature on his phone that blasted out a very powerful bright light – like high beams – and was shining it at the roof of the nosebleeds wowing everyone. Security was there in seconds, and they pulled him out of Nassau Coliseum.

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