What Happened Backstage After Liv Morgan’s Concussion On RAW


This past Monday on RAW, a rather scary incident happened involving Liv Morgan and Brie Bella. While delivering some YES! Kicks to Morgan, Bella accidentally nailed Morgan in the face. She was knocked unconscious and suffered a concussion. Morgan was dragged to her corner and tagged out of the match before being taken backstage.

Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful reports that Morgan had trouble remembering what happened while backstage. She underwent concussion testing right away. It was also noted that the referee was told from backstage to keep Morgan out of the match. That didn’t happen right away, however, as Morgan jumped back in for a Triple Suplex spot.

It was said Morgan was on “auto pilot” after eating the big kick. She was restrained by Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott outside of the ring to make sure she didn’t get back in the match. Brie also reportedly apologized to Morgan several times backstage and there’s no ill will between them.

Sapp finally added that “we’re told that Sarah Logan and Ruby Riott “looked” to be unhappy, as they’re legitimately close friends of Liv Morgan’s”.

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