Baron Corbin

What Happened Between Baron Corbin & The McMahons During RAW Commercial Break (Video)


Last night’s episode of Monday Night RAW opened up with an announcement from The McMahon Family. Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, Vince McMahon, and Shane McMahon all came out to the ring. The four told fans that they are now The Authority and will be receiving a lot of changes to the show in the coming weeks.

This comes after some poor reviews of Monday Night RAW in recent weeks. However, during the segment, Baron Corbin came out to plead with The McMahons about keeping his job as General Manager of Monday nights. But during the segment, WWE took an abrupt commercial break. If you were wondering what happened during the break, we now have the footage.

Corbin mentioned RAW’s low ratings and those on Twitter who don’t enjoy seeing him as General Manager. Triple H then riled the crowd up and asked them to let Corbin know what they think of him. Check out the clip here:

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