What Happened With Vince McMahon After RAW Ended?


Credit: Zim and Zack & Matthew Blimes & PWTorch.com

After the show went off air, two trainers helped Vince McMahon to the back to sell Big Show’s KO Punch.

John Laurinaitis then took the mic and said that what happened was very sad and unfortunate, but in the name of People Power, the show much go on, which led to John Cena in a handicap match against Big Show, Big Johnny, and David Otunga.

John Cena beat Big Show & David Otunga & John Laurinaitis in a handicap dark match. In the end, Show accidentally KO’d Otunga and Cena got the win. (Show missed Otunga worse than he missed McMahon live.) Afterward, Big Johnny attacked Cena with a crutch, but then ate an AA to send the crowd home happy.

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