What Led To Harley Race Punching Vader + Juventud Video


— As reported Saturday, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race and his former protégé in World Championship Wrestling, Vader, engaged in a physical altercation at that day’s “Legends of the Ring” convention in Monroe, New Jersey. According to Rob Feinstein, who witnessed the scuffle, tensions escalated after Race voiced his disapproval with Vader behaving belligerent toward fans.

Feinstein wrote on Facebook, “Vader was in a foul mood the entire day which is typical of him. He started to talk nasty to a few fans and Race did not approve. Race told Vader not to disrespect the fans as they are paying to see them. Vader made a smart ass comment which pissed Harley off. Harley who is crippled now struck Vader in the head with a punch. Vader when to strike back but instead hit a promoter who was standing near by. The promoter from what I told had to get a ice pack and Vader walked out of the room. That was basically how it went down and I am shocked that Vader would do that in front of the fans. I was waiting for Orndorff to do a run in.”

— For those who may have missed it over the weekend, Juventud Guerrera, who competed for World Championship Wrestling from 1996 to 2000, recalled his tenure with the organization in the Bloodstained Memoirs Special Edition DVD (available Oct. 16 Amazon.com). The following preview clip has been released:

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