What’s Sid Vicious Been Up To?, Foley/DDP, Hardy


— Former World Heavyweight Champion Sid Vicious spoke with Slam Wrestling this week to promote his WrestleReunion appearance. Sid told Slam that he has been doing some film work lately and is working on a documentary right now about the independent wrestling scene. Sid also filmed a commercial recently.

— Mick Foley is training with Diamond Dallas Page and his DDP Yoga to get ready for a ring return with WWE, just like Jericho did. Foley wrote on Twitter: “I’m doing my first @DDPYoga yoga session in two days..with the master himself! To quote Rabbi Hillel, “if not now, when?” BANG!”

— Matt Hardy will be wrestling “Sudden Impact” Louis Moore at the AIWF Mid-Atlantic Wrestling Chair City Clash II on March 3rd in Thomasville, North Carolina.

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