What The Diva Search Contestants Were Told Before The Infamous ‘Diss The Diva’ Segment


Joy Giovanni was a competitor on the very first season of the “WWE Diva Search,” which saw an infamous ‘Diss The Diva’ segment where Carmella DeCesare was dissed by almost every contestant competing for a WWE contract.

Speaking on the “Ring the Belle” podcast, Giovanni opened up about the Diva Search and trying to keep the fact that she was a mother quiet. She also revealed that one of her agents dropped her because she had a kid.


You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On trying to keeping the fact that she was a mother quiet during the Diva Search: “Back then, the industry was completely different.’ It was highly unacceptable [for a woman] to have children. It wasn’t something that people would out loud tell you, just like other types of discrimination, but if an agent, if a manager, if production found out you had kids, you were undesirable. You wouldn’t be at their beck and call, so they wouldn’t want that.”

On ‘Diss The Diva’ segment where she and others went hard against Carmella DeCesare: “They gave us some loose guidelines. I will let you know, we did ask, ‘Are we allowed to say anything at all, or is their a limit to our language?” And they told us to say whatever we wanted, which actually caused another big stir, because at the time, unbeknownst to us, the talent had started getting fined for using profanity because of network television. So we didn’t know. They told us, ‘Say whatever you want.’”

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