What We Know About The Randy Orton Injury


* The Randy Orton injury is not a work by any means.

* The injury was suffered during a match with The Big Show on RAW.

* WWE.com is reporting that Randy Orton suffered a concussion on RAW after Daniel Bryan hit him over the head with the World Title. We can’t yet confirm where the injury occurred.

* It is expected that Mark Henry will replace him in the Elimination Chamber pay-per-view. That should be announced at tonight’s SmackDown tapings.

* We reported last week that former WWE star Chris Nowinski recently talked about his work with the Sports Legacy Institute in concussion research, talking with Randy Orton about the issue, his conversations with Chris Benoit and more. Check out his comments Randy Orton:

On Randy Orton changing his thoughts on the issue: “A guy like Randy Orton just didn’t buy into it, and I ran into him in March, and he started talking about his concussion experiences and he was like, ‘Gosh I didn’t know it was that bad.’ He is an advocate for himself now to take time off and so it’s interesting to see this turn.”

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