Which ‘Face Of Foley’ Would Win In A Fight?, More


Mick Foley recently did an interview with New Found Glory’s Chad Gilbert for Kerrang magazine. Here are highlights:

On who would win in a fight between his “Faces of Foley” (Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind): “Probably The Dude. He’d run away, let the other two pretty much kill each other, then swoop in for the easy victory. It would be mind over matter!”

On what he thinks about wrestlers who take inspiration from him: “I don’t really like the Mick Foley rip-offs on the independent scene, because they’re just taking fans’ money. That’s not a tribute. But I love the idea of guys following what I’ve done. I had a top WWE superstar ask me about incorporating one of my offensive moves – one of the five! – into his repertoire and I said, ‘Man, I’d love it!’. Stuff like that is flattering.”

On the craziest thing he’s ever done: “Well, in 1994 I lost my ear doing a specific move, where my head got caught between the ropes, then I tried that move again in 1995 with barbed wire replacing the ropes…”

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