Who Called Rob Van Dam To Let Him Know About His Hall Of Fame Induction?


During a recent interview with FOX Sports, Rob Van Dam commented on his WWE Hall of Fame induction and who called to let him know about it, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On how it feels to go into the Hall of Fame: “It’s a pretty awesome feeling. Just like you probably would imagine, it feels like I’m being acknowledged and appreciated for my body of work. It feels very good. I’m honored. [Fans have] been calling me future Hall of Famer for years and I always just shrug and say, ‘All right, man. As long as you think so.’ But, glad to be among the chosen few this year. I’m glad for me and for all the fans. I feel like them being behind me and wanting to see this happen is a win for them as well.”

On John Laurinaitis giving him the news: “I’ve known him since 93, because I used to wrestle with him in Japan. From ’93 to ’97, I spent many, many long hours on long bus rides, sitting in cold arenas in the winter, hot in the summer and ferry boat rides. We did a lot of traveling around Japan that time. You get to know somebody a little better when you’re stuck with them all the time like that. So, I’m proud to call Johnny a friend, and it was really cool to get the call from him.”

On becoming WWE champion: “That was my crowning moment, obviously, and not just because I had reached the number one spot with the WWE Championship, there was so much more to it than that. Because that moment, that night, all of it, was me sticking to my guns. I went to Vince with the idea of bringing ECW back for a PPV. Because I said, ‘You’ve got so many guys on your roster right now that are former ECW alumni and we all loved the ECW style. We could go one night, ECW style, tribute to ECW. That would be so awesome.’ Well that became One Night Stand, which became One Night Stand two, so knowing that, I was fighting for what I believed in.”

On a WWE comeback: “There is definitely some pros and cons to the thought. I enjoy showing off in the ring. I enjoy very much getting that love and energy from the crowd, looking around seeing the RVD signs. That’s a high for sure, and RVD is all about highs.”

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