Who Does Jerry Lawler Want In WWE’s Hall Of Fame?


Jerry Lawler recently spoke with The Observer News Enterprise and was asked about who he wanted to see in the WWE Hall of Fame. Lawler listed his top two names: Randy Savage and Andy Kaufman.


“They’ve not yet inducted Randy Savage yet, have they? I think probably Randy Savage,” he said. “I think he will eventually get in there. That is one those things. To me, if you are going to honor somebody, you should do it while they are still alive. I wish that Randy and Vince McMahon could have settled what differences there were before he passed away to get him in because I think Randy was deserving a long time ago.”

He added, “I’ll tell you who else I think should be in there — Andy Kaufman. He should be in the celebrity wing of the WWE Hall of Fame. (Mike) Tyson got in this year. You’ve got Mike Tyson and Drew Carey. If Drew Carey is in there, Andy Kaufman should be. He was one of the first guys that put wrestling on a national stage.”

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