Who Helped Lord Tensai Get Rehired By WWE?, Cole’s Gimmick


Source: The Wrestling Observer

— For those who may have missed it, Michael Cole’s heel gimmick has been transitioned away. His new role is to be an edgy style of character who respects John Laurinaitis as one of the top heels but has a more neutral stance. McMahon is obviously still feeding all announcers from the gorilla position backstage.

— As noted earlier here on the website, Triple H’s appearance in Floyd Mayweather’s entourage last weekend for his boxing match has drawn a lot of discussion within WWE, with some heat on “The Game”. People in the company pointed to earlier in the year when CM Punk was denied the opportunity to corner Chael Sonnen for a fight in Chicago. Part of the reason for denying Punk was the concern that no one would acknowledge Punk as a cornerman and it would hurt his crossover star power. That concern manifested with Triple H, who did not get any attention from mainstream media and was overshadowed by Justin Bieber also being in the entourage.

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— Both The Undertaker and John Laurinaitis helped Matt Bloom (a/k/a Lord Tensai) get his job back with WWE.

Bloom reached out to WWE several times over the years looking for work but nothing came to fruition until creative brainstormed a henchman siding with Laurinaitis. The Executive Vice President of Talent Relations and Undertaker, who are friends with Bloom, urged that he be rehired.

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