Who Kurt Angle Wants To Face In WWE + John Cena Sr.


— John Cena Sr contacted us to say that he will not appear at an upcoming Millennium Wrestling Federation event because he is no longer involved with the promotion. He said he is “not involved with promoting the show.” He also said he wanted this corrected so his fans would not be tricked since he is not with the company anymore.

— In an interview with a local Ireland newspaper, Kurt Angle revealed who he wants to face in WWE. Here are highlights:

On interacting with fans: “In TNA tours there is so much fan interaction . I was with the WWE for seven years and I don’t think I shook one fan’s hand in all of the European tours. Security was so tight we would just get to the arena and go into the building and afterwards we would be straight back on the bus to the hotel.” … “but with TNA there are autograph sessions, meet and greet and fans even get to come into the ring. It’s very fan friendly. That was was something I wasn’t used to.”

On who he would want to face in WWE: “I would like to eventually fight the likes of CM Punk or Daniel Bryan. I’ve actually been very impressed with what I’ve seen of Bryan.”

He also talked about TNA competing with WWE. He thinks another Monday Night War is inevitable, but “may not happen for another ten or fifteen years.”

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