Who Was Originally Planned To Win The IC Title Battle Royal Match At Battleground Last Night?


During last night’s WWE
Battleground pay-per-view event, The Miz won the Battle Royal to become the new
Intercontinental Champion. He eliminated Dolph Ziggler, who thought he had won
and didn’t realize The Miz had been hiding out on the floor.

The original plan was for
Ziggler to win the Battle Royal, but it was decided on Tuesday at a production
meeting to give it to The Miz instead. The change was made because Miz will be
doing a lot of media appearances over the next few weeks and has The Marine 4
coming out as well.

The Miz will now feud with
Sheamus before moving on to face Ziggler. As previously reported, The Miz vs.
Sheamus is expected to last several more weeks.

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