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NewsWhy 3MB are good for WWE

Why 3MB are good for WWE



WWE may under estimate the talent of each member in 3MB but they sure do give them a lot of TV time.

WWE need 3MB to get young talents over I mean beating them is obviously not as impressive as beating John Cena but it sure pays off because they give you more superstars higher up the WWE ladder to contend with.

They take up empty places in the schedule which all in all isn’t a bad thing because each member is talented and good in ring, all are also very hated by the crowd which is very un normal with such low key talents.

In my opinion they should remove McIntyre from 3MB and let him have a singles run and replace him with Curt Hawkins or a talent who is not getting any air time.

What do you think of 3MB? Comment and leave your opinions ideas and suggestions.

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