​Why Aksana Was Fired & Why Rosa Mendes Wasn’t, More


Partial Source: The Wrestling Observer

According to sources, Aksana was released so that WWE
could make room for NXT Diva call-ups. Charlotte and Sasha Banks have been
rumored to be the next ladies to join the main roster.


Aksana was reportedly one of Kevin Dunn’s favorite
Divas, but aside from Dunn she had very little support backstage. Dunn
reportedly had cooled on her in recent months, which some say led to her

In other Diva news, word is that Rosa Mendes’ job was
saved because E! wanted her for the next season of Total Divas. Several members
of WWE management have said that Total Divas was her “saving grace” and she
would have been gone without that. Michael Hayes has always been a big supporter
of Rosa …. and there are rumors that she’s done some
“favors” for Hayes in the past. Here is one of our past reports from October
9th, 2013 regarding the Michael Hayes/Rosa Mendes situation:

We reported earlier here on the website that WWE creative team
member Michael Hayes was “dealing with a personal issue” and has been off the
road for several weeks now.

In an update on this, former WWE creative team member
Court Bauer recently appeared on MLW
Radio and claimed the reason Hayes was off the road is because he’s
currently suspended from WWE because he tried to give Rosa Mendes alcohol just
days after she returned to the road after being in rehab for substance abuse.

Several months ago, we reported that Mendes was sent
home from a UK tour after several sources stated she was “drunk” for most of the
tour and WWE decided that “it was clearly enough”. According to sources, the
33-year-old had been “partying too much on the tour,” with one company source
describing her as “a mess.”

After being sent home, Mendes tweeted the following
in response to the reports:

“Just wanted to let all my #Mendesluverz
that I’m ok. I had to take care of some personal matters. Thank you for all your
support. Love you.”

“I also encourage everyone to continue
#MuscleMania. It has helped me in the past and it will still be helping me now.

Following those tweets, WWE issued the following
statement regarding Rosa being sent home…

“Milena Roucka (Rosa Mendes) left the
international tour for personal reasons.”

As of this writing, WWE has not released any kind of
official statement regarding Hayes.

It should also be noted that earlier this year,
former WWE Superstar Chris Masters posted a tweet alleging that a female member
of the SmackDown roster
maintains sexual relations with head creative writer Michael Hayes in order to
keep her job.

He wrote, “So
if I had to tell you one smackdown diva who gave freebird hayes an “Oral”
agreement to keep her job, who’d you guess?”

At the time, it was widely speculated that the person
Masters was talking about was Rosa Mendes. We could never confirm that report
and Rosa never responded to the claims for obvious reasons. With the above
report, you can now read into that what you will.

Similar allegations regarding sexual politics in the
WWE lockerroom have been made as Taryn Terrell (a/k/a Tiffany) stated last
December that she would not trade sexual favors with individuals in positions of
power in order to maintain employment with the sports entertainment

“No…if I have to sleep with
people in power to keep or continue progressing in my job, I’d rather be
Terrell wrote on Twitter in response to
a specific question about whether she would return to WWE.

She later retracted her remark, saying it wasn’t
about WWE or anyone in particular, but rather a generalized statement of
companies she’s worked for.

We’ll keep you posted as we hear more.

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